SDTC’s objective is to provide “flexible, individualized, service-oriented, cost-effective” trust administration combined with state-of-the-art technology. Consistent with this objective, SDTC offers the following services to our clients:

Trust Custody Accounting

Discover the four basic options SDTC offers for Trust Custody Accounting.

Trust Custody

SDTC can generally work with most outside custodians of the client’s choice.

Internet Access

SDTC provides its clients and their advisors with 24-hour secure online access to their trust account data.

Fees and Fee Guidelines

Typically our fees are very individualized and vary depending on the terms of the trust and the assets in the trust.

Privacy Policy

SDTC has powerful privacy safeguards and has established policies & practices that respect the privacy of all individuals who use our trust company.

Attorney Assistance

SDTC’s goal is to supplement the relationship an attorney may have with his or her client by working in a responsive value-added manner.