SDTC will work with a custodian of the client’s choosing.

SDTC’s custody offering includes a full array of services from financial assets (i.e., securities accounts) to nonfinancial assets (i.e. partnerships, LLC’s, closely-held business interests, etc.). SDTC will also serve as custodian for accounts linked for investment management services.

Generally, SDTC can work with most outside custodians of the client’s choice. Alternatively, if a client does not have a custodian, SDTC provides custody services through the Fifth Third Bank. Fifth Third Bank is one of the largest providers of custody services and has received numerous accolades for its customer service and the way it operates.

Fifth Third Bank provides an extraordinary level of expertise in security servicing coupled with leading edge technology and superior service. These services include:

  • Custody/Safekeeping
  • Settlement
  • Income Collection
  • Proxy Services and Tax Reclamation
  • Multi-Currency Reporting
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Corporate Action Processing
  • Performance Measurement and Compliance

The combination of SDTC’s trust administration, Infovisa trust accounting, and Fifth Third Custody provides a highly automated, cost-effective, secure, and comprehensive trust accounting and administration interface. Multi-currency reporting and foreign exchange services are also available through SDTC.