South Dakota Directed Trusts: Providing Flexibility & Control

Directed trusts have fast become one of the most powerful and popular tools in structuring modern trusts, offering far more flexibility, control and protection when compared to “delegated” trust statutes that most states provide. South Dakota is one of the few select states that has a “directed” trust statute; in fact, South Dakota has one of the oldest and highest rated directed trust statutes in the United States.

The typical directed trust structure has an administrative trustee, i.e., SDPC’s sister company South Dakota Trust Company LLC (SDTC), and/or custodian, with an outside investment advisor/manager of the client’s choice being responsible for the trust’s investment management. SDTC does not have any products or investment management services. There are many different ways of structuring each scenario based upon the client’s desires and needs.. Please visit to learn more.