SDPC’s sister companies, SDTC Services of Wyoming, LLC (SDTCSW) and South Dakota Trust Company LLC (SDTC) can combine to provide superior services in forming and operating an unregulated Private Family Trust Company (PFTC) in Wyoming.

While SDTCS continues to provide expert services in establishing and operating regulated PFTCs in South Dakota, some families may wish to establish an unregulated PFTC. And now they can do so with SDTCSW, leveraging our many years of experience as the industry leader for establishing and operating Private Family Trust Companies.

Unregulated PFTCs can provide many of the same benefits of a regulated PFTC (e.g. increased privacy regarding trust matters, efficient family governance, liability protection, successor trustee resolution, flexibility in asset concentration and diversification, etc.) while also providing certain advantages over a regulated PFTC.

For example, unregulated trust companies generally can provide regulatory simplicity and increased privacy. Furthermore, an unregulated PFTC does not have capital requirements, is not subject to state audits, does not need a charter, and provides greater flexibility in governance, a shorter formation timeline and increased cost savings in both establishment and operations. For more information, please visit