The South Dakota Planning Company (SDPC) and South Dakota Trust Company (SDTC) founders and its employees have advised more than 25% of the Forbes 400 and are currently working with over 100 billionaires and over 300 centimillionaires.

In working with these families, as well as with other wealthy families and their advisors across the country, SDTC/SDPC has seen many creative and cutting-edge trust planning strategies.

It may be important for wealthy families to know what other similarly situated families are doing regarding their trust planning so that they can make informed decisions regarding their own planning. Our experience with having worked with most of the top lawyers, accountants, insurance agents and investment mangers across the country allows us to point out what other similar wealthy families are doing without, of course, divulging any private information. A decision can then be made after analyzing the South Dakota trust planning with the client’s advisors from both a tax and non-tax point of view whether or not the family wants to implement any of these strategies.

Many of these strategies involve the following goals:

  • Best privacy planning in the U.S
  • Establishing a Family Bank/Dynasty Trust : Why? How? When? Where?
  • Purpose trusts without beneficiaries to care for valuable family assets
  • Unique business succession and closely-held business planning
  • Creative charitable giving strategies with both charitable and non-charitable trusts
  • Movement of an existing trust to South Dakota to save state income taxes and take advantage of great trust and asset protection laws
  • Advanced and flexible planning for minimizing estate and generation skipping taxes
  • The latest education planning strategies for children, grandchildren and great grandchildren
  • Important non-tax issues and strategies for passing family wealth intergenerationally
  • Promoting family values (both social and fiscal) with modern trust planning
  • The latest strategies for planning with residences and vacation homes
  • The latest advanced and creative trust planning strategies for family offices
  • Cutting-edge strategies for shifting growth from one’s estate
  • Domestic asset protection planning – four layers of protection with top-rated statutes
  • Minimizing taxes on the sale of highly appreciated assets (i.e., publicly-traded stock, closely-held stock, art, partnerships, LLC’s, etc.)
  • Trust planning for international families with no ties to the U.S
  • Planning for foreign citizens with US citizen/green card children and/or grandchildren (Please see:
  • Regulated and Unregulated private family trust companies (Please see: and