As a result of SDTC’s extensive international experience, 15% of its clients are international families, representing countries all across the globe.

During SDTC’s founders’ Citibank days, the main reasons for an international family to set-up a U.S. situs trust were if they owned U.S. property, or if they had a U.S. green card and/or U.S. citizen family members. Over two decades later, international clients still seek out U.S. situs for those traditional reasons, however, the international climate both political and regulatory, have greatly expanded the factors  leading international families to seek out the U.S. trust situs.

Consequently, South Dakota, as one of the leading trust jurisdictions in the  U.S., is frequently chosen by international families looking for U.S. trust situs. Additionally, many of these international families have chosen one of South Dakota’s most experienced and largest trust companies, SDTC, due to its familiarity and extensive experience in serving international clients. Please visit to learn more.